At Ekitai, we understand that customer relationships are built on trust and understanding. That’s why we offer our annotation services to help you bridge the gap between your customers and your brand. Our innovative annotation tools help you to quickly and accurately access customer feedback, allowing you to build a strong reputation with your customers.

With our service, you can easily track conversations and gain valuable insights on how to better meet customer needs. Ultimately, our services help ensure that your customer relationships remain strong – leading to long-term loyalty.

Why Annotation?

Annotation is a spare explanation of what a larger body of text means. Sometimes referred to as footnotes, they are revised to explain or point to an important indication in a body of the text.

Why annotations are needed?

One can understand the importance of annotations once one is in middle of very complex readings. Annotations serve as an anchor that readers can hold unto from time to time during the cause of their readings. It helps to clarify the specific meaning of what is meant. It gives a chance to the writer to express himself in the original way he feels like and at the same time, not losing the readers. While the body of the text carries the direct thoughts and words of the writer, annotations are used as a driver to send home points or validate what is meant. Annotations are not meant to be lifted verbatim from the body of work but provide a better guide to what the word or phrase that is annotated means in the text.

It is best to explain annotation with an example.
“How can one garner a very rich thought process¹ about moral modification²?”
When readers glance through the text, they are bound to have a different perception of what either of the phrases means and as such might deter them from giving thoughtful opinions about the topic.

The annotated phrases here are “Thought Process” & “Moral Modification”.

So, the writer goes further to explain that:

Thought Process in the text means the events that lead to the final conclusion of the person speaking.

Moral Modification in the text means the evolution of our moral uprightness.

With a footnote like this, it is almost impossible not to get what the message and intentions of the writer are. Annotations help readers of the text to focus on the content without having to look for other sources for the interpretation of the material. As simple as the concept of annotation may seem, it determines to a large extent whether content will go far with the target or not.

The annotations are very useful to get your target customers or users inclined to your message. Annotations, among other purposes, can also be used to explain foreign words or phrases that the target audience is not used to. An introduction of the annotation tools shines a light to what is meant in context.

We cannot begin to over-emphasize how essential annotations are, and how they guide readers through while helping to bridge the gap of understanding context and content between the service provider and the customer.

We are well aware of the fact that understanding is the key to building a strong reputation with your customer. Our annotation service ensures you build that relationship without inhibitions while ensuring that customers can connect easily with the context of your content.

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