Localizing your business can be a daunting task, but with Ekitai solutions it’s simpler than ever. Our localization services help you efficiently expand your reach to global markets without the need for costly language-learning software or hiring Translation Services.

With our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, we can localize your content with accuracy and speed, so you can focus on growing your business.

Localization Services

Localization adapts your original content or your products to be accessible and relatable to a specific market. The first step is translation into the target language, but further work needs to be done to truly make your products accessible. The goal of localization is to make your website, products or services seem as though they have been crafted specifically for the people in the target market.

It doesn’t matter if you speak an entirely different language, or if your products come from another country – with successful localization, the customer will feel as though the content has been tailored for them. This increases sales, reach, and interaction with your business.

Some things that might be involved in the localization process are modifying the content for the likes and dislikes of the target audience, adapting the layout and design to match the translations, and converting into local currencies, dates, addresses and units of measurement.

When potential customers see a product that is fluently translated into their native language, complete with the cultural nuances and customs that they are familiar with, they are more likely to become a regular customer and use your services.

Why Ekitai Solutions?


120+ Languages

We provide subtitling translation services in more than 120 languages and dialects.

30+ Industries

We cater to more than 30 Industries across the globe.

14K+ Native Professionals

Native professional transcribers, translators, subtitlers, voice artists available 24*7 to support all our subtitling needs.


Robust Processes

We follow a Subtitling + TEP process that ensures best quality output.


Secure Client Data

We share all the files via secure FTP transfer with our resources.


24*7 Support

Our project managers are available 24*7 to support our clients.

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    How we manage a translation project @ Ekitai Solutions?

    1. Quotes & Review

    We receive the forms with all the submitted information. We review the requirements accordingly.

    2. Costing & Timelines

    We do requirement analysis and come up with costing & time-frame details.

    3. Client Approval

    Proposal submission done for client approval and agreement is made.

    4. Project Creation & PM Allocation

    Project is created and a single point of contact (SPOC)/Personal Manager is assigned to it.

    5. Contacting Translators

    All related resources are contacted and involved in the project.

    6. Transcription/Translation/Voiceover/Dubbing/Subtitling

    Project work is completed with our expert resources.

    7. Internal Quality Review

    Internal quality review is done by project manager before finalizing the delivery

    8. Final Check & Delivery

    All processed data is archived and shared along over a secure channel.

    At Ekitai, we provide the the following localization services: