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Gaming has emerged as a multi-billion dollars industry and is expanding at an exponential rate. So why stay behind and settle for less? Get more with the best Game Localisation experience from Ekitai. We make your games engaging and enjoyable for diverse audience groups by localising the games to a varied global audience in your targeted language(s) and market.

Our localisation services help you take your adventure & connect the games with larger audiences, globally. We have dedicated resources to complete urgent translations, update materials and function well with tight deadlines.

Ekitai Solutions’ video game localization services ensure that the video game is localized for sale and use in a different country. A large part of this is the translation of the text in a way that makes sense to native speakers, but it can also involve recording new audio that is more appropriate, changes in the hardware, and removing or adding parts of the game to comply with legal requirements or culturally sensitive issues. Some parts may need to be cut out and replaced because they cannot simply be translated due to cultural or legal issues.

With efficient video game localization, the play experience of your video game is ensured to be enjoyable, straight-forward and inclusive for the new target audience, while remaining true to the original content. When the player feels like the game is made for them, or feels like they are the target audience, they are able to become immersed in the game and enjoy the experience more, leading to further sales and positive reviews.

Comprehensive Game Localization Services

EKITAI offers a complete package of services for your game localisation needs: translation, localisation, and multimedia services. Our services for gaming include:

In-Game Text Translation

UI Localization

User Manuals Translation

Subtitling for games

Voiceover and Dubbing

Marketing Materials Transcreation

Legal Documentation Translation

Website Localization

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PC and Mac


PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Wii U


PSP, DS/DSi, tablets


Android, iOS, Brew, J2ME, Symbian, Windows CE


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Having a strong portfolio of localising top games for a range of audiences in multiple languages, we can make it happen for you, too. Our game localisation experts thoroughly study your game dynamics including the market segment and the script. Furthermore, we connect your game with the top experts to make sure that it has the same appeal in all languages of your choice and preference. You can get your game localised by requesting a quotation today.

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