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Captioning services help viewers understand what is being spoken in a video that also includes the sounds that are important to the context. It helps presenting a text version of the sounds (for e.g. thunderstorm, dog barking in the background, door knock, gun shots, etc.) and words spoken. We generally see the captions on television, online videos, and in educational settings.

There are various ways in which we can show the captions. There are basically two ways in which we categorize the captioning:

Open Captions

It’s crucial for everyone to get the message at times. Open captions help displaying the texts on videos on permanent basis and that’s why we also call it “burned in” or “hardcoded” captioning. Open captions can be provided in a range of fonts and types that are perfect for public places or activities, and videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Closed Captions

The most commonly used method of captioning is closed captioning. This offers audiences with the option of showing captions brought with the broadcast signal and allows the audience to turn on or off the captions. This is done at the point of viewing by “opening” the closed captions. Content with closed captioning is generally defined by the closed captioning [CC] sign in program manuals, web streams and on DVD / video covers.

Why Ekitai Solutions?

100+ Languages

We provide transcription services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

15+ Categories

We cater to more than 15 video categories across the globe.

2K+ Native Captioners

Professional native transcribers available 24*7 to support all our transcription needs.

Robust Processes

We follow a Captioning (with guidelines) + internal review process that ensures quality output.

Secure Client Data

We share all the files via secure FTP transfer with our resources.

24*7 Support

Our project managers are available 24*7 to support our clients.

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    At Ekitai Solutions we hire only professional captioners who are highly experienced in carrying out the captioning work. This helps us in delivering high quality Captioning services to our clients. We deliver captions keeping all our viewers in mind including the deaf so it ensures same viewing experience for all viewers, (hearing or not).

    We provide captioning services for various types of video formats and below we have mentioned a few of them:

    Video file formats

    .MP4, .WMV, MKV, .MOV, .MXF, .DIVX, .MPEG-1, .DV, .WEBM, .MPEG-2, P4V, .VOB. .AVI, .XVID, .AXF, .OGV.

    Online Closed Caption formats


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    Get all your captioning work done from an expert team with proven record.