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To prevent misunderstanding and increase efficiency across the world of banking and finance, translation is absolutely essential. Translation in banking or finance allows these companies to go global, both taking clients in different corners of the world, and even setting up offices or headquarters across the world. Financial institutes must be able to adequately and efficiently provide important information in different languages, so financial translation is essential to these industries. Mistakes or errors can affect the credibility of the bank and have a huge impact on its ability to go global and appear credible to a global audience.

Financial translation can involve the translation of many different kinds of documents, all related in some way to finances, banking and the economy – but with a vast range of document type and range of topics. Some documents often translated by a financial translator are business plans, income statements, tax reports, insurance documents and financial agreements – but there are many more. Therefore, the translator must be highly trained and be experienced in the financial field to ensure that they are fluent in the language of finance across all of these fields. Ekitai provides specialised financial translators who are experienced in providing these services for any type of financial or economic document that needs to be translated.

Financial translation requires extensive training and knowledge of the language often used in the finance industry, as well as specific terminology related to a more specialised subject. In a world such as finance that is full of innovation and constant change, there are always new concepts, terminology and products being updated to meet modern standards, and therefore needing adequate translation. In the age of technology and the internet, banks and finance companies are able to go more global than ever before, reaching clients and making connections across the globe. With Ekitai’s network of staff across the globe, these connections can be facilitated quickly and at any time of day by an experienced team of financial translators.

Financial terminology can be unique to the country from which it comes, and it is often hard for equivalent terms to be found to prevent misunderstanding. If an equivalent term that adequately explains the concept cannot be found, the financial translator will draw from their own knowledge of the field and the language to find a new way to explain the concept. In addition to this, translation of the formatting that goes along with these documents is essential to make sure important information is preserved across both languages, for example, a pay slip from one country can look entirely different to a pay slip from another. Guidelines required for financial documents vary across countries in terms of the terminology, numbering and formatting. Fluctuations in the economic conditions and the exchange rates must also be factored in and researched.

At Ekitai, all financial translation documents will be carefully quality controlled to ensure that there are no misunderstandings, mistranslations or residual incorrect formatting in the final product. Each step of the quality control process is provided by a separate domain experienced linguist, so the product will be translated, edited and then carefully proofread by different highly qualified individuals. The additional needs of your project, whatever they may be, can be comprehensively managed by the experienced members of our team. The interconnected network of Ekitai’s professionals across the globe mean that needs can be catered to any hour of the day, any day of the week.

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    Financial translation with Ekitai

    We understand how important your business and financial documents are to you. With specialist financial translators, we make sure that your translated texts make your business communication more effective.

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    Specialist Financial Translators

    We specialize in translating all financial texts and the translations are done by our qualified and expert translators.

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    Flexible Pricing

    With Ekitai, you get to choose from flexible pricing plans, so you pay only for what you need. No hidden costs, no extra charges whatsoever.

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    Superior Support

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    Quality Delivery

    We provide highly specialised financial translation services covering all aspects of the financial industry including graphical and statistical representations, charts, businesses, financial terms, and much more.

    Financial Translation

    Our financial translation services can help you with any money related texts.