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One of the fields where translation is absolutely essential to allow credibility across the globe, prevent misunderstanding or mistranslation of important information, and even to save lives and reputations, is the law. Any kind of legal text that will need to be read to, read by, or given to anyone who speaks another language will need to be translated into that language by a specialised legal translator. Legal translation is the process of taking any kind of legal text in one language, and translating it into a legal text in another language without any kind of mistranslation or confusion. Some examples of these legal texts can be court documents, transcripts of court proceedings, translations of certificates, certifications and identification, and corporate agreements. Any kind of legal written document will require legal translation.

In the industry of legal translation, more than any other, it is absolutely essential that the translator is not just translating the text literally or word for word. The translator needs to reflect all of the subtleties of the native language accurately in the target language, as well as translating all of the legal concepts. Every country’s legal system has different traditions and legal expressions. Some of these expressions may make perfect sense in their own native language, but sound like nonsense, or worse, completely misleading, in the target language. Each genre of legal text also has its own kind of language and terminology, for example, the language in legislative documents differs completely to the language in a corporate agreement. If the person reading the translated text is proficient in the target language and sees that the wrong terminology has been used, they are likely to not trust the legitimacy of the translated document. This needs to be avoided at all costs. Translators must also provide a text that fits the purpose for which it is needed. Whether it needs to be able to be read and understood by the general public, or if it is legally binding in the target language, the text that is produced must be able to be used for this purpose.

Ekitai provides top-quality legal translation services, with professionals who are not only fluent in both languages, but also fluent and experienced in the legal systems and the “language of law”, with top-notch research skills to supplement their knowledge. Where something as simple as punctuation or tense can change the outcome of a legal case or completely alter the legitimacy of a legal document, highly skilled professional translators are completely essential.

At Ekitai, all legal translation documents will be carefully quality controlled to ensure that there are no misunderstandings, mistranslations or incorrect formatting in the final product. Each step of the quality control process is provided by a separate domain experienced linguist, so the product will be translated, edited and then carefully proofread by different highly qualified individuals. The additional needs of your project, whatever they may be, can be comprehensively managed by the experienced members of our team. The interconnected network of Ekitai’s professionals across the globe mean that needs can be catered to any hour of the day, any day of the week.

The experienced team at Ekitai are fully trained and highly specialised to manage the needs of your legal translation project, no matter what the document might be or what language it needs to be translated into. Modern technology such as XTM, Trados and MemoQ is used by our professionals to streamline each of our legal translation projects in order to increase both cost- and time-efficiency. Experienced in providing legal translation services to all verticals, look no further than Ekitai for your legal translation needs.

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    Legal translation with Ekitai

    Strict Editorial Policy BWStrict Editorial Policy

    Strict Editorial Policy

    All translated texts have to follow a strict editorial policy which involves the correct usage and maintaining the standards of professional legal language.

    Global Network GSGlobal Network

    Global Network

    We have a global network of native handpicked legal translators with strong industry knowledge to make sure all types of legal text translation match high standards of professional translation.
    Quality DeliveryQuality Delivery

    Quality Delivery

    We provide highly specialised legal translation services at the cost of simple text translation without compromising the quality whatsoever.
    We deliver what we commitWe deliver what we commit

    We deliver what we commit

    We understand that time is often crucial for all legaltranslation projects so we are committed to timely delivery of your translated legal texts, every time.

    Legal Translations

    Get all your legal translation work done from an expert team with proven record.