Manipuri Translation Services

High quality Manipuri Translation Services from Native Manipuri Translators

Ekitai, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Manipuri translation agency, offers Manipuri Translation Services. We draw from a network of 60 native Manipuri translators experienced in diverse industry fields offering the highest-quality Manipuri translation solutions on time and budget. 

As one of the best Manipuri  translation companies worldwide, Ekitai offers specialized Manipuri  translation solutions and related business services in various industries verticals and subjects such as automotive, patents, poetry, education market research, IT (Information Technology), transport, psychology, manufacturing, investment, agriculture, architecture, travel & tourism, hospitality, legal, contracts, certificate, pharmaceutical marketing, physics, retail, religion, history, sports, electronics, energy, philosophy, medicine, law, games, biology, human resources, chemistry, geology, cooking, engineering, insurance, economics, finance pharmaceutical, government automation, zoology, computers, literature, business, astronomy, journalism, science geography, management, textiles, mathematics, marketing military, telecom (telecommunications), and media. We offer Manipuri Translation Services in the following language pairs: 

  • English to Manipuri Translation Services 
  • Manipuri to English Translation Services 
  • English to Manipuri Localization Services 
  • Manipuri to English Localization Services 

About Manipuri Language

Meitei, officially known as Manipuri, is the most widely spoken language of the state of Manipur in northeastern India and one of the official languages of the Government of India. It is a Tibeto-Burman language of the Sino-Tibetan family, predominantly spoken in India along with parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Manipuri has approximately 1.8 million native speakers; additionally, 200,000 second language speakers spread widely. Manipuri has its script, locally known as Meitei Mayek.

Why Choose Ekitai Solutions for your Manipuri translation services requirements?

Ekitai Solutions always uses native professional Manipuri translators with years of experience in this industry. We have over 60 native professional Manipuri translators working for us 24*7 across the globe. Besides, we have a rigorous selection procedure that enables us to identify professional Manipuri translators in the specialized domain, ensuring quality in all our services. All our Manipuri translators are well versed with modern industry standards and use CAT tools, which always helps to deliver speedy, accurate, and fluent translation. Our project managers always do two layers of internal QC before final delivery to the clients in the shortest turnaround time.   

Apart from translations/localization, we offer the following services in the Manipuri language:

  • Manipuri to Manipuri Audio transcription   
  • Manipuri to English Audio transcription   
  • English to Manipuri Audio transcription    
  • Manipuri to Manipuri captioning   
  • Manipuri to English subtitling    
  • English to Manipuri subtitling    
  • Manipuri Video Description services    
  • English to Manipuri media localization
  • Manipuri to English media localization   
  • Manipuri Voice Over    
  • Manipuri Dubbing  

Our Manipuri language Translations services include

Manipuri  Website Translation, Manipuri  Government Document Translation, Manipuri  Content Translation, Manipuri  Document translation, Manipuri  Website Localization, Manipuri  Content Localization, Manipuri  Audio Translation, Manipuri  Video Translation, Manipuri  Contract Translation, Manipuri  Technical Translation, Manipuri  Legal Translation, Manipuri  Literary Translation, Manipuri  Book Translation, Manipuri  Manual Translation, Manipuri  Patent Translation, Manipuri  Newspaper Translation, Manipuri  Business Translation, Manipuri  Financial Translation, Manipuri  Advertising Localization, Manipuri  Medical Translation, Manipuri  Engineering Translation, Manipuri  Marketing & Sales Translation, Manipuri  Manufacturing Translation, Manipuri e-commerce translation, Manipuri  e-learning translation, Manipuri  Games translation. 

No matter what industry you are working in, we can provide a translation service that can help you to reach your goals and connect with your audience.





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Publishing & Media

How we manage a translation project @ Ekitai Solutions?

1. Quotes & Review

We receive the forms with all the submitted information. We review the requirements accordingly.

2. Costing & Timelines

We do requirement analysis and come up with costing & time-frame details.

3. Client Approval

Proposal submission done for client approval and agreement is made.

4. Project Creation & PM Allocation

Project is created and a single point of contact (SPOC)/Personal Manager is assigned to it.

5. Contacting Translators

All related resources are contacted and involved in the project.

6. TEP Workflow

Our dual quality check along with Translations>Editing>Proofreading in process.

7. Quality Review

Translations after processing, go through our two stage quality check process.

8. Final Check & Delivery

All processed data is archived and shared along over a secure channel.

Besides, Ekitai Solutions has full range language services who provides translation, transcription, interpretation, dubbing, voice over, subtitling, captioning, scripting, media localization, website localization, data collection, market research translation, e-learning creation and development, video creation, animation, story boarding, DTP and content creation in more than 150 languages.

Document Types we Translate

Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xlsm), OpenOffice (sxw, odt, ods, odp), Adobe FrameMaker (mif), Adobe InDesign (idml, indd, indb), Adobe Photoshop (psd), Adobe Illustrator (fxg, svg), PDF (converts file to Word), Txt, rtf, ini, xlf, xliff, MemoQ (mqxliff), Trados Studio (sdlxliff), Trados (ttx), Wordfast (txml), xml, php, html, htm xhtml, xht, shtml, shtm, Microsoft Visio (vdx), Java property files, JSON, DITA, po, pot, yml, yaml, asp, aspx, ascx, resx, resw, rc, iOS apps (strings), Android apps (xml), sdf, Document template (tpl), svg, SubRip text (srt), SalesForce (stf), Digia QT (ts), Markdown (md), DocBook