Medical Translation

Medicine is an industry full of innovation and change, where the constantly improving technology means that new procedures are constantly being invented, and new products and terms are generated almost daily. In the medical field, translation of documents, instructions and information is necessary for comprehensive healthcare services to be provided to any patient who needs them. Medical translation services also allow different medicines or medical products to be sold or provided in different countries and communities.

Going global is essential for success in any kind of medical profession, whether you are providing a service or selling a product, but to go global, you must first use a translator to convert your product or document into the language of the new country. Any error in this translation can carry a high risk to the health of a patient, the ability of the business to reach a global market, or to the reputation of the healthcare provider.

Medical translators can work with any kind of medical document, including but not limited to: journal articles, research articles, study or usage protocols, patient histories, product information booklets, clinical trials and regulatory documentation. A medical translator must be continually trained in the changes and fluctuations in the field of medicine, as well as being completely proficient in two or more languages. The medical industry in every country uses thousands upon thousands of specific terms that are usually not interchangeable between languages, so research and glossaries must be used to ensure that the translation is accurate. Ekitai uses an interconnected pool of professionals across the globe, making research and communication about medical translation terms easy and efficient.

Medical translation, without a doubt, requires the accuracy to be one hundred percent. Even the slightest error in this kind of documentation can be crucial, and there must be no degree of guessing or improvising. In addition to these qualifications, medical translators must also be knowledgeable about local medical laws of the target country, as different countries will have different rules and regulations about sensitive medical data and medical procedures. The medical translation team at Ekitai are highly experienced and specialized, and will do in-depth research to ensure that the translation product is completely accurate with no room for error.

In medical translation especially, quality control of the translated content is absolutely crucial to prevent severe effects on patients lives or huge changes in the composition or globalization of a medical product. Multiple levels of quality control by experienced proofreaders, editors and translators are used at Ekitai before the translated product is sent to the client.

The experienced team at Ekitai are fully trained and highly specialized to manage the needs of your medical translation project, no matter what the document might be or what language it needs to be translated into. With excellent communication by the professionals across the globe, wait times at Ekitai are at a minimum and short deadlines can be met with ease. Modern technology such as XTM, Trados and MemoQ is used by our professionals to streamline each of our medical translation projects in order to increase both cost- and time-efficiency. Experienced in providing medical translation services to all verticals, Ekitai’s medical translation professionals can help you with whatever you may need.

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Why clients rely on us?

We understand the importance of your medical reports and documents. Our expert translators and editors make sure that the translated texts are professional, thoroughly edited, and checked for any inaccuracy.

Correct Usage of Medical Terminology

We make sure that the proper usage of medical terminologies is maintained in all translated texts.

Multiple Revisions

We understand that at times, medical translations can be complex and may require editing and revisions. At EKITAI SOLUTIONS, we support you through multiple changes and edits to make your translated text exactly how you want it to be.

Specialist Medical Translators

For all medical documents and reports, we work only with specialist medical translators ensuring that the translated texts match top professional standards.

Custom Pricing

Depending upon the text intricacy and the volume, we offer custom deals and flexible pricing packages.

Types of Medical Documents We Translate

Product Labels

Production Manuals

Marketing Collateral

Toxicology Reports

Regulatory Documents

Corporate Websites and Portals

Multimedia Audio and Visual

Manufacturing Process Descriptions

CRA Training Materials & Videos

Drug Registration Documentation

Scientific Journal Articles

Case Report Forms (CRF)

Regulatory Audit

Patient Information


Clinical Trials

Clinical Protocols

Instructions for Use (IFU)

Investigator Brochures

Informed Consent Forms



We possess the necessary skills to translate medical documents in the following medical fields:







Emergency MedicineEmergency Medicine

Toxicology Reports





Infectious DiseasesInfectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases













Obstetrics & GynecologyObstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology











Medical Translation

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