Open End Coding Services

Open-end coding is used in market research to classify open-end responses for quantitative analysis. An analytical approach to convert raw data into a meaning full and intelligent data to understand the market/consumer behavior.

Why Open-End coding? Or What is the need?

Qualitative & quantitative research produces much text. Coding is used by the researcher to conclude the data. Survey questions where participants can freely express their opinion in their own words are called open-ended questions. And the response/ answer is known as a verbatim. Open-ended questions generally produce rich data for insight; however, with certain limitations.

  • Participants would not take the pain to write a meaning full response or, at a time, do not even prefer to write anything.
  • Factors such as subject knowledge, length of the questionnaire/ survey, the number of open-end questions also responsible for unsatisfactory data to conclude.

The researchers are now more evolved and making participants more engaging by working on questionnaire format, adding interesting questions and storyboard to enhance the active participation, whereas ‘tagging or ‘Coding’ each open-ended answer with one or more codes helps capture what the answer is about, and successively, summarize the results of the complete survey adequately.

Neither software or machine can be an alternative to human intelligence and analytical skills in deciphering the data. At Ekitai, we have a highly analytical and experienced coding expert in processing verbatim response translations across 120 languages each year. We have experienced & skilled team of linguists and data coders in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, Information technology, and Behavioral Science.

Types of Coding we are handling

Ekitai, codes all variety of unstructured data or responses, including the following:

  • Text from online surveys or customer-feedback systems
  • Handwritten answers to paper surveys
  • Social-media text
  • Voice recordings from IVR
  • Images
  • Phone surveys (computer-assisted telephone interviewing)
  • Text from CRM systems

The Verbatim Coding Process

  • Data for coding can be in the form of text, images, or recorded audios. Our coding expert will prepare a list called a “codebook” or “code frame” by reading, viewing, or listening to each answer and assigning it a numeric code for the client approval.
  • A trained individual carefully codes all responses to form positive results fully reflect the essential and true meaning of the open-ended or unstructured data. Quality-assurance monitoring is made into the coding process to make sure that codes are applied consistently and precisely.

Quality Commitments

Ekitai adheres to rigorous and consistent quality standards. Our coders are smart, intellectual with an eye to detail. Our quality team specialist checks each project carefully at multiple checked points before the final round of quality checks being performed by the Lead quality analyst to deliver the data to the client.